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about the German working group

The Mechatronics Association Germany — Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mechatronik e.V. (DGM) — was founded by the members of an informal national working group in Germany in the year 2004 [1].

Since the late 1990ies this group consisted of professors working in the field of mechatronics at German universities and was initiated mainly by Reiner Dudziak and Harald Loose. The current president is Rolf Biesenbach. From the beginning until now the members of DGM meet twice a year, always being hosted by changing universities. These meetings give excellent insight in the different mechatronics study courses, the laboratories used, and the local industrial collaborations.

Today there exist approximately 60 study courses in the field of mechatronics in Germany. There are about 70 personal and institutional members of DGM.

The main goals of DGM are given in the association statutes:

  • Consulting service for new study courses;

Joint information forum (e.g. for mechatronics events);

  • Exchange of information between different types of universities;
  • Assistance for students by applying to university;
  • Supporting students in finding industrial placement, especially abroad;
  • Supervision of accreditation agencies by sending consultants.

During the last years a number of advantages came up by having a national association like the DGM:

  • Giving a voice and also some political relevance to the relatively young study field of mechatronics, for example by founding the national deans' conference of mechatronics faculties (Fachbereichstag Mechatronik);
  • Having the possibility to make suggestions and recommendations for accreditation agencies, for example with the "Position paper for Bachelor and Master courses in mechatronics at Universities of Applied Sciences";
  • Building networks and having continuous personal exchange of ideas, furthermore, having an internet platform with actual information including support for students;
  • Supporting international projects with the know-how of a large group of professors behind the DGM as project partner, for example the European tempus project DIMPTOT (Development of an Industrial linked Mechatronics Program including Training Of Trainers)
  • Delivering a strong partner (independent from single persons) for international exchange with other national mechatronics associations, for example in Great Britain, Poland, Egypt and Jordan.

DGM is also hosting the website of the "International Network of Mechatronics Universities" and the REM.

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[1] taken from: ADVANTAGES OF A NATIONAL MECHATRONICS ASSOCIATION, by Rolf Biesenbach, Martin Löffler-Mang, Hochschule Bochum, University of Applied Sciences, Bochum, Germany, HTW des Saarlandes, University of Applied Sciences, Saarbrücken, Germany, 11th International Workshop on Research and Education in Mechatronics, September 9th - 10th 2010, Ostrava, Czech Republic

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